A Northern Nevada Casino Amidst Security Expansion Ropes in a First Robot

A Knightscope K5 Autonomous Security Robot has been installed by the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino as part of the expansion plans for enhancing security. The K5 robot comes with several features as add-ons. This includes a 360-degree view of the field through its multiple cameras, thermal imaging, a call button for an emergency alongside an added feature of two-way communication. The new addition by the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino or GSR has been named the “Jackbot.” Being one of a kind of Autonomous Security Robot or ASR across any casino in Northern Nevada. The officials were quick to quip that the addition of an ASR will give guests peace of mind. Thereby even aiding the insiders with an extra pair of eyes and ears, ramping up the security measures. 

Shannon Keel, the general manager of GSR, mentioned her take on the same. She stated how the utmost important thing was the security and safety of the guests and the team members. Being the very first casino across Northern Nevada to boast a Knightscope K5, the team is forever grateful. The additional measure is entailed at keeping the property safe. The GSR has always prioritized implementing safety measures and is a leader in activating a special response team. GSR is also way ahead in procuring k-9 roving patrols for the deliverance of unparalleled hospitality and quality experience. This is especially for a resort that ensures a thorough and safe environment for everyone.

Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon were the tragic events that led to the origination of the Knightscope. The founders of Knightscope were hopeful in reducing the crime rates by almost 50 percent with the perfect amalgamation of the best of hardware, software, and humans. Video and thermal cameras are utilized by the K5 ASR in visually observing the surroundings. The delivery system and the appearance of the ASR are distinctive while they have worked their way into finding acceptance amongst the public domain. This is especially for the security services they provide through the fixed camera systems for security. The anomalies are sought out proactively by the K5, which intimates about criminal activities as well as people strolling through areas that are restricted. Once the K5 identifies such activity, an alert is sent to the security personnel who are on duty through an alarm button for panic. 

The operations of K5 are denominated across a predefined geofenced area. The reliance is not exclusively based on a single sensor for determining the current location or for plotting a path for directions. LIDAR, GPS, sensors for odometry, wheel, and inertial ones are included for determining a static position within the boundaries. These multiple sensors provide a complete backdrop of the environment. Careful and autonomous navigation following a random path is followed by the ASR for thwarting the offenders. 

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